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Water Risk in Brazil and Stewardship as a Response (2017)

Slides and recording from webinar on addressing water challenges through stewardship in Brazil – in English and Portuguese.

Primary Functions

  • Understand the main water-related challenges in Brazil and possible ways to address them
  • Find examples of good practices adopted by Brazilian companies to address water issues
  • Learn about resources that can help companies manage water challenges

Detailed Description

In 2030, will there be water for all Brazilians?

  • Brazil has 12% of the total volume of fresh water from all over the world.


  • Continental dimensions and diversity;
  • Disproportionate distribution per region;
  • Unsuitable water resources management;
  • The lack of citizens’ environmental education;
  • Water losses in water supply;
  • Poor supply infrastructure;
  • Lack of wastewater treatment;
  • Droughts and floods.

Business Benefits of Stewardship:

Water efficiency •Save money

•Build resilience to water stress

Reduce pollution •Protect license to operate

•Comply with regulations and prevent fines

Encourage others to improve water performance •Reduce water stress facing your operations and your suppliers’ operations

•Strengthen reputation and credibility

Support public water governance •Foster a dependable supply of water

•Build reputation and credibility

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