corporate water disclosure guidelines

Corporate Water Disclosure Guidelines (2014)

The Corporate Water Disclosure Guidelines seek to advance a common approach to corporate water disclosure that addresses the complexity and local nature of water resources.

Primary Functions

  • Learn how to identify common corporate water disclosure metrics.
  • Receive guidance on which information is most appropriate for companies to report.
  • Understand how companies can assess the water-related topics that are the most relevant to them and their stakeholders.
  • Learn how companies can best report activities that are difficult to depict quantitatively.

Detailed Description


Corporate water disclosure is the act of reporting to stakeholders information related to the current state of a company’s water management, the implications of that state for the business and its stakeholders, and how the company develops and implements strategic responses.

The CEO Water Mandate’s Corporate Water Disclosure Guidelines offer a common approach to disclosure. They put forward metrics that can begin to harmonize practice and also provide guidance for defining what to report. It is the developers’ hope that these Guidelines drive convergence and harmonization with respect to how companies report their water management practices while helping to minimize reporting burdens, thus allowing companies to allocate more time and resources to actively manage water.

Corporate water management objectives and activities vary greatly depending on industry sector and geographic location. This dynamic leads to many possible disclosure approaches and metrics that are more relevant to certain companies than others. In the spirit of advancing harmonized reporting practices, all the suggested metrics and information provided in the Guidelines are designed to be applicable to a broad range of corporate water users, regardless of industry sector and region. However, many companies will likely choose to augment their reports with metrics and information particularly relevant to their specific industry or geography.

Corporate water disclosure also varies significantly depending on the relevance of water to the company and its stakeholders and the maturity of a company’s water management practices. For this reason, some companies may not deem it necessary or helpful to report the full range of information suggested in these Guidelines. Others may be able to report only a limited amount of water-related information due to nascent water management practices. These Guidelines are designed to be applicable to this wide spectrum of prospective disclosers.

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