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The Digitization of Water: Intelligent Platforms for Water Abundance (2017)

This report describes how the Industrial Internet can be leveraged to implement intelligent water platforms.

Primary Functions

  • Advance innovation in the global water industry through the application of digital technologies in order to increase water abundance.

Detailed Description


The same forces that unleashed the Industrial Internet are now leading the digitization of the global water business and public sector ecosystem. The lessons learned from the digitization of other sectors such as heavy industry, manufacturing, power, media, retail, communications, healthcare, and education are now being successfully applied to water infrastructure and commercial projects.

For example, the integration of industrial machines with information and communications technologies is being applied to water infrastructure around the world. This transformation will vastly improve the way water is collected, transported, treated and used efficiently in environments across the globe. The results will be beneficial to communities, businesses and natural ecosystems.

MWH Global and GE have formed a strategic partnership to accelerate the development and deployment of digital water solutions. Since its founding in 1820, MWH Global has engaged in the engineering, construction, and management of some of the largest and most technically advanced water, hydropower, mining, and transportation projects for municipalities, governments and multinational private corporations throughout the world. GE’s Industrial Internet operating system, Predix, provides the software foundation for the digitization of water.

The ability of digital technologies to improve the efficiency of water use and increase the availability of water can lead to unprecedented economic development, business growth, and social well-being for a range of stakeholders. Water management is a critical issue nearly everywhere, and the digitization of water promises to deliver real, lasting solutions to solve one of the world’s most pressing resource and infrastructure challenges while maximizing water quality and availability to consumers, businesses, and industries.

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