Primary Functions

  • Find a holistic picture of the environmental footprint of crop production in order to better measure, monitor, and manage sustainable agricultural crop production.

Detailed Description


geoFootprint is a new online, public and collaborative tool that gives instant access to the environmental footprint of agricultural crops on a world map. By combining the latest LCA (life cycle assessment) environmental footprinting methodology with geospatial data, geoFootprint allows companies, public authorities, research organizations and farm-level actors to better measure, monitor and manage sustainable agricultural crop production.

Companies in crop-based industries that set ambitious environmental targets to reduce their footprint face massive supply chain management data challenges. To set and track progress toward sustainability goals, businesses often rely on incomplete, inconsistent and generic, country-level environmental data on one hand, and highly precise farm-level data for selected locations on the other. The two are often incompatible due to the difference in assessment methodologies. geoFootprint bridges this gap by providing generic data that is much more granular and a platform to overwrite inputs with proprietary data.

Non-corporate stakeholders are also limited in their access to reliable and transparent environmental data. A free online tool that is visual and user-friendly will empower research organizations, policymakers and farm-level actors to understand, inform and engage others on these topics.

Intuitive and simple to use, geoFootprint gives a holistic picture of the environmental footprint of crop production, bringing large amounts of data to life so actors across agricultural value chains can prioritize action where it matters most. Anyone can easily map, visualize, and calculate the environmental impacts of crops with the free online tool. On geoFootprint Pro, users can overwrite input data and run their own simulations that will help set and track progress on sustainability targets.

Supported by EIT Climate-KIC and corporate funders, and developed by Quantis in partnership with the Cool Farm Alliance and ArxIT, the geoFootprint initiative involves 25+ corporate, public, global, academic and non-profit organizations.

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