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WRUA Institutional Governance and Integrity Training Module (2017)

This training module focuses on strengthening transparency, accountability, and participation in Water Resource Users Associations (WRUAs) in Kenya.

Primary Functions

  • Find guidance on strengthening transparency, accountability, and participation of WRUAs in water resource management.

Detailed Description


WRUAs provide a pivotal stakeholder engagement platform in WRM in Kenya. To develop their potential fully, WRUAs need to be a credible representation of the water users in their sub catchment, advocating for the shared interests of water users, and a reliable partner for the government in carrying out WRM functions at the sub-catchment level.

This module has been developed to strengthen transparency, accountability and participation of WRUAs in water resources management. The module therefore enhances the capacity of WRUAs to take part in WRM by having a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities while increasingly complying with international and national best practices on organisational governance.

The development of the module was informed by a WRUA organizational capacity assessment that was conducted on 12 Lake Naivasha Basin WRUAs in 2015 by WWF and WRA in partnership with Imarisha Naivasha and GIZ IWaSP. The assessment tool was developed by WWF, HDSR and WGC through the Integrated Water Resource Action Plan (IWRAP) Programme.

The Governance Training module is based on a WRUA framework provided through the WRUA Development Cycle (WDC) and borrows from good practices around the world including Global Water Partnership Tool Box, CEWAS, GIZ and WIN. This module contains nine sessions:

  1. Session One: Climate setting
  2. Session Two: Kenya water sector governance
  3. Session Three: Introduction to good governance in WRUAs
  4. Session Four: WRUA governance structure and Constitution
  5. Session Five: The WRUA election process
  6. Session Six: Inclusive decision making
  7. Session Seven: Good governance tools in WRUA
  8. Session Eight: Action planning
  9. Session Nine: Training Evaluation

This training module is designed as a three-day training for WRUA members to enhance good organisational governance skills and effective WRUA management. The module is based on adult learning principles with the aim to build on and enhance past experiences as well as maintaining ownership of the process, periods of critical participants’ reflection, participation and constructive feedback, role plays, illustrations, case studies and energisers. The sessions are designed to be interactive and participant centered with only a few lecture sessions.

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