Primary Functions

  • Find guidance on assessing water stewardship performance against TSM indicators and developing water stewardship practices beyond legal compliance.

Detailed Description


The purpose of the assessment protocol is to provide guidance to facilities in completing their evaluation of water stewardship performance against TSM indicators. The assessment protocol sets out the general expectations for water stewardship as part of the TSM initiative. This protocol supports implementation of the TSM Water Stewardship Framework.

As with any assessment of a management system, professional judgment is required in assessing the degree of implementation of a system indicator and the quality of management processes and intervention. Application of this protocol will, therefore, require a level of expertise in auditing and systems assessment and knowledge of and experience in the practice of water stewardship performance. This assessment protocol provides an indicator of the level of implementation of water stewardship practices. It is not, of itself, a guarantee of the effectiveness of water stewardship performance.

Where operational water management relates to tailings management, the users of this protocol should be aware that there are potential linkages between this protocol and the Tailings Management Protocol.

TSM’s Guiding Principles commit MAC members to comply with all laws and regulations in each country where we operate. This protocol is intended to guide the development of water stewardship practices beyond legal compliance.

The Water Stewardship Protocol contains four indicators:

  1. Water Governance
  2. Operational Water Management
  3. Watershed-scale Planning
  4. Water Reporting and Performance

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