The Mandate is a platform for business leaders and learners to advance water stewardship. Endorsing companies commit to: 1) implementing the Mandate’s six core elements and and 2) reporting on progress annually.



Attend Mandate events and webinars to learn and discuss emerging stewardship practices


Participate in Working Groups to inform and support strategic development of the Mandate’s research, guidance, and tools


Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and responsibility to your employee, customers, investors, and other stakeholders

Are You A Business? Join Us By Endorsing The Mandate

The CEO Water Mandate is building an international movement of committed companies, both leaders and learners. In this spirit, the initiative welcomes companies of all sizes and from all sectors, from all parts of the world, and at all stages of the water stewardship journey.

Endorsing the Mandate is easy! A company wishing to join the initiative can indicate their endorsement of the CEO Water Mandate and its six elements – Direct Operations, Supply Chain and Watershed Management, Collective Action, Public Policy, Community Engagement, Transparency — by submitting a letter or email from any appropriate company contact indicating support from the C-Suite (or equivalent), to:


The only requirements of Mandate endorsers are that (1) they are UN Global Compact signatories, and (2) they report annually on their progress in implementing the Mandate’s six elements.

  1. Becoming UN Global Compact signatories. Companies that endorse the CEO Water Mandate but are not currently UN Global Compact signatories have a one year grace period to sign the UN Global Compact. After this one year period, they will be removed from the list of Mandate endorsing companies.
  2. Reporting annually on progress. Companies have a great deal of flexibility in the format and approach taken in their annual reports. Though use of the Corporate Water Disclosure Guidelines is recommended, companies need only report against the Mandate’s six elements as they deem appropriate. Companies are encouraged to report this water-specific information in the context of their annual communication on progress (CoP) to the UN Global Compact.

What If You’re Not A Business? Join The Mandate’s Stewardship Community

Though non-business organizations cannot endorse the Mandate, they can join the Mandate’s Stewardship Community as valued stakeholders. If you don’t represent a business, you can still keep up to date on the Mandate’s work and that of its endorsers, join us at our events, and inform our projects. To become a member of the Mandate Stewardship Community, click the button below to get started.


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