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WASH Sustainability Index Tool (2010)

The WASH Sustainability Index Tool can be used to assess the likely sustainability of WASH interventions using a range of qualitative and quantitative indicators.

Primary Functions

  • Evaluate the sustainability of different WASH activities

Detailed Description

The Sustainability Index Tool is a framework to assess the likely sustainability of water, sanitation or hygiene interventions after they have been implemented. The check considers four main factors that are known to have an impact on sustainability: institutional arrangements, management practices, financial conditions, and technical operations and support. Although the tool was developed globally, it is also necessary to customize indicators – and the associated questions – to specific intervention and country contexts. For example, in the Dominican Republic, the wording of some indicators was modified to match the components of the different interventions.

The extent to which these sustainability indicators are being achieved is assessed through a series of indicator questions aimed at different stakeholders and institutional levels, and in some cases through review of relevant legislation and sector policy. Although these levels may vary depending on the type of intervention and country context, they typically include: households, service providers (e.g. the water committee, utility or school), district level, and national level.

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