Ecolab Case Study: Steel Manufacturers Saving Water

Reducing Water Consumption at a Textile Service Operator in Europe – Ecolab Case Study (2015)

This case study explores how a partnership between Ecolab and a leading textile service operator in Europe has resulted in processes and solutions that deliver quality washed textiles, while reducing water and energy use.

Primary Functions

  • Learn how Berendsen’s partnership with Ecolab has resulted in a 22% reduction in water consumption per kg of textile washed.

Detailed Description


Since 2009, Berendsen has partnered with Ecolab to ensure consistent processes and solutions to deliver quality washed textiles, while reducing water and energy use and lowering costs across 100 commercial laundries throughout Europe. By measuring and sharing data on resource consumption, operational performance and process flows, Ecolab designed customized, standardized solutions for implementation across Berendsen’s unique regional infrastructure.

The comprehensive approach reduced wash temperature from 80°C to 60°C, minimizing overall energy consumption. The solution featured innovative chemistry Triplex BioactiveTM, ultra-concentrated product Triplex EmulsionTM and the harmonization of best-in-class practices across all facilities, including implementation of AquaheaterTM, AquamiserTM and AquacyclerTM equipment. This end-to-end solution filtrates and reuses process water, provides a lower cost and more energy-efficient way to heat water to the required wash temperature and recaptures excess heat that would normally be lost from dryers and ironers.

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