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Hyatt Pune Saves Water While Improving Operations (2017)

A 5-star Hyatt hotel in Pune, India, saved 1.8 million gallons of freshwater by working with Ecolab to install 3D TRASAR automation technology for its HVAC systems. This state of the art technology allowed the hotel to provide heating and cooling to over 200 guest rooms while saving freshwater resources.

Primary Functions

  • This case study explores how a 5-star Hyatt hotel in Pune, India successfully saved 1.8 million gallons of freshwater by using treated sewage treatment plant water in its cooling towers to maintain internal hotel temperature.

Detailed Description

A 5-star Hyatt hotel in Pune, India, faced complicated issues when its water supply was abruptly cut off due to municipal water shortage. The expansive Hyatt property includes 209 guest rooms, restaurants and banquet rooms. To maintain heating and cooling comfort for its guests and employees in the face of this cut-off, the hotel used treated Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) water in its cooling towers. Hyatt and Ecolab worked together to implement Ecolab’s state of the art 3D TRASAR automation technology for its HVAC systems to deliver the following results:
  • Treated blow down water with oxidizing and non-oxidizing biocide reduced issues with wastewater discharge
  • Consistent approach temperature helped to eliminate the need for quarterly condenser cleanings
  • More efficient reuse improved HVAC performance.
The project resulted in 1.8 million gallons of freshwater saved and 4.8 million gallons of STD water reused. Using STP water in the three HVAC units did create two problems: rising approach temperatures of the STP water necessitated more frequent condenser cleanings and more cleanings produced more effluent discharge from blowdowns.

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