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CottonUp (2018)

This guide aims to provide professionals with the practical information and resources to either start sourcing sustainable cotton or increase volumes.

Primary Functions

  • Find guidance that helps apparel industry professionals develop and implement cotton-sourcing strategies.
  • Learn about the challenges and opportunities involved in sustainable cotton sourcing.

Detailed Description


CottonUP is a practical resource to inform and guide business leaders and sourcing teams on the issues, benefits and options for sourcing more sustainable cotton. The guide is part of Cotton 2040, a multi-stakeholder initiative to significantly increase the use of sustainable cotton internationally.

Cotton is vital for fashion brands and retailers, but it can come at a high social and environmental cost. Sourcing more sustainable cotton is essential to reducing the commodity’s negative impacts and ensuring future supply.

However, researching the most appropriate sourcing approach for your organisation’s sustainability priorities is time and resource intensive.

The CottonUP guide exists to help apparel industry professionals develop and implement sourcing strategies, in particular across multiple standards such as organic, Fairtrade or the Better Cotton Initiative, among others.

The guide shares direct experiences and learning from companies that have already navigated the complex challenges of sourcing more sustainable cotton.

This interactive guide answers three big questions about sustainable cotton: why it’s important, what you need to know and do, and how to get started.

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