Welcome to the CEO Water Mandate's Water Stewardship Leaders blog. Here you can find information on best practices in water-stewardship, upcoming events, and other CEO Water Mandate news.

Welcome to the Water Stewardship Leaders Blog!

Today, the CEO Water Mandate is pleased to launch its Water Stewardship Leaders blog! This new blog provides a forum for water stewardship experts from the Mandate Secretariat, endorsing companies, and key stakeholders to share their experiences and insights with a global audience. Through the blog, contributors will showcase stewardship best practices, opinions, upcoming events, new reports, and more.

We hope that this blog fosters a robust conversation about where stewardship efforts are succeeding and where and how they can be improved. We also hope that it facilitates stewardship learning at a faster pace than is allowed by the normal report and conference cycle.

In the coming days and weeks, we will be featuring a variety of new posts, including some from Ellen Silva of General Mills, Brian Richter of the Nature Conservancy, Snehal Desai from Dow, Alex McNamara from National Business Initiative, and Ken Caplan form Partnerships in Practice. We invite you to send in your submissions for the blog. You are free to cover a variety of topics, so long as they generally speak to water stewardship and are aligned with the Mandate’s six core elements. We are also happy to repost existing or upcoming posts originating on different blogs.

To submit a blog post for consideration, please email us at ceowatermandate@unglobalcompact.org. Typical posts range from 500-1000 words.

We hope you enjoy Water Stewardship Leaders!

  1. It was pleasure and rewarding opportunity to attend the Approaches to Corporate Water Stewardship held today at The Nature Conservancy from a corporate investment perspective. As a member of the UNGC and the Water Mandate since our inception. As an SME in the disaster\emergency management arena all aspects of water security with water stewardship as a focal point is of great concern on community sustainability.

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In Water Stewardship, It’s All About Context

Climate change is one of the defining challenges of our time. As the world commits to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, we are hearing more and more about getting global­ levels down to a sustainable level. The common refrain is: climate change is a global challenge that requires global action. For example, 100 metric tons of…
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Hilton Endorses the CEO Water Mandate

The CEO Water Mandate Secretariat is delighted to welcome Hilton as its newest endorsing company! Hilton joins over 140 companies from around the world and across a variety of industry sectors that have committed to advancing water stewardship. Founded in 1919, Hilton is one of the largest and fastest growing hospitality companies in the world,…
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Thirsty for Change? 4 Ways to Improve Corporate Water Targets

Tien Shiao co-authored this piece with:  Morgan Gillespy (CDP) Alexis Morgan (WWF International) Paul Reig (World Resources Institute),  and Kari Vigerstol (The Nature Conservancy) Water-related business risks are becoming more and more apparent. According to CDP’s 2016 global water report, 607 companies lost $14 billion last year alone due to water scarcity, drought, flood and…
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The 5 First Things To Report About Water In Your CSR Report

The CEO Water Mandate’s Corporate Water Disclosure Guidelines offer a framework, principles, and best practices for how companies can effectively and meaningfully report their water management practices to key stakeholders. The Guidelines are based around the Corporate Water Disclosure Framework, which lays out the key pieces of information companies report ideally.   The Company Water Profile…
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Untapped Potential – How Wastewater Can Unlock The Tap To Our Water

As water scarcity remains one of the biggest challenges facing our world, it’s no surprise that the United Nations has designated wastewater as the theme of this year’s World Water Day on March 22nd. The truth is that “business as usual” will simply not work for our planet, for our economy, or for humanity. Our…
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What Do “Water Scarcity”, “Water Stress”, and “Water Risk” Actually Mean?

As corporate water assessment tools and stewardship initiatives continue to emerge and their underlying approaches and methodologies evolve, there has been a proliferation of sometimes conflicting interpretations and uses of key water-related terms. This is especially true of terms used to indicate geographic locations where water-related challenges are more pronounced, namely “water scarcity”, “water stress”,…
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The Business Case for Corporate Action on WASH in Supply Chains

Inadequate access to water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) in communities around the world is a topic of increasing interest for the business community. First and foremost, inadequate WASH reinforces and exacerbates poverty. Promoting WASH is a critical part of Sustainable Development Goal #6. Beyond that, business efforts to improve WASH – both in supply chain…
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Diageo | Water and Sanitation in African Agriculture: Business Must Not Shy Away

This content was originally published on the Diageo partner zone on the Guardian Sustainable Business Network on August 31, 2016. There is a strong economic argument for companies to invest in water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH). For every $1 (75p) invested in WASH, $4 (£3) is returned in increased productivity, according to the World Health…
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Coca-Cola | Integrating WASH and Freshwater Conservation

At The Coca-Cola Company, our water stewardship strategy takes us out of direct operations (our bottling and other manufacturing plants) to communities and the watersheds we all share.  Over the years, our work, with partners has helped millions of people gain access to sustainable supplies of safe drinking water.  We have also helped conserve billions…
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