Ecolab Case Study: Steel Manufacturers Saving Water

Water Savings for Steel Manufacturers – Ecolab Case Study (2015)

These case studies explore how Ecolab’s partnership with a Brazilian steel group, as well as its partnership with a Chinese steel producer, resulted in significant water savings for both companies.

Primary Functions

  • Learn how Ecolab used 3D TRASAR technology and more to help two steel manufacturers achieve significant water savings.

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CSN is a large Brazilian steel group that prioritizes the rational use of natural resources, including proper management of water. To achieve greater environmental and financial results, CSN partnered with Ecolab to address recurring premature burning on hot blast valves from one of its blast furnaces. Leveraging Ecolab’s 3D TRASARTM Technology program and Tagged High Stress Polymer technology, CSN reduced fouling and scale in its critical process cooling.

Sha Steel

Faced with rising electricity costs and increased demand, Chinese steel producer Sha Steel sought to reduce costs and save water and energy. Ecolab employed a suite of solutions, including its 3D TRASARTM Technology Scale Index to monitor, control and optimize Sha Steel’s critical process cooling system efficiency.

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