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Integrity Management Toolbox (2018)

The Integrity Management Toolbox is a change management approach that supports organizations through an integrity change process that starts with assessing their performance and describing their business model to finally monitoring performance improvements.

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Primary Functions

  • Make integrity a part of your strategic plans, business models, and daily practices

Detailed Description

The Integrity Management Toolbox supports organizations in making integrity a part of their strategic plans, business models, and—most importantly—their daily practices to reduce risks and improve performance. The underlying approach works with a business perspective of realizing performance opportunities and advantages that arise from improving integrity.

The IM Toolbox is more than a set of integrity tools or a training concept. It is a change management approach that support organizations through an integrity change process that starts with assessing their performance and describing their business model, identifying the most relevant integrity risks, using practical tools for better managing risks, to finally monitoring performance improvements. Undergoing such a process will require professional facilitation and first hand expertise on integrity and change management – the toolbox assists such experts and facilitators, but it cannot replace them.

This is why the IM Toolbox was originally designed as a moderation kit for Integrity Management Coaches (IMC)  – the people who coach organizations undergoing this integrity change process. It contains all the workshop materials and background documents needed during the different phases and steps of the integrity change process. In this online toolbox you find relevant information on the underlying approach, how to use the toolbox, as well as the actual integrity risks and tools.

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