Ecolab Case Study: Steel Manufacturers Saving Water

Delivering Bright Whites with Green Initiatives – Ecolab Case Study (2017)

This case study explores the results of a U.S. linens provider working with Ecolab to reduce water consumption.

Primary Functions

  • Learn how Ecolab helped a linen supplier achieve additional water and energy savings by using Ecolab’s Ecometrix meter to read water flow and measure water usage through the walls of commercial laundry equipment.

Detailed Description


A leading U.S. provider of white linens to hotels and restaurants wanted to employ every sustainable strategy available to reduce its water consumption. Having already invested in water-efficient tunnel washers, the company invited Ecolab to assess its operations for additional water and energy savings opportunities. Ecolab’s proprietary EcometrixTM meter, which sends high-frequency sound waves, to read water flow and measure water usage through the walls of commercial laundry equipment, diagnosed two tunnel washers registering at excessive volumes. The washers were found to be set at 0.77 rather than the specified 0.55 gallons of water per pound. Correcting the settings saved an estimated 2,904,000 gallons of water over the course of a year. A third tunnel washer was sending treated water to the sewer and taking on fresh water with each fill. Immediate repair of the redirect valve saved an estimated 6,834,000 gallons of water in one year.

With these results and Ecolab’s commitment to continuous improvement, the U.S. linen supplier expanded Ecolab’s service to all of its laundry operations.

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