Water Risk Filter (2012)

Assess water risks and find guidance on what to do in response.

Primary Functions

  • Conduct quick, first-tier facility-level risk screen based on company performance and watershed conditions
  • Access detailed analysis of company’s exposure to water-related risk
  • Easily understandable and useful for companies with limited understanding of water issues

Detailed Description

The Water Risk Filter – developed by World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) in collaboration with German development bank Deutsche Entwicklungsgesellschaft (DEG) – is a free, online tool that allows investors and companies from all industry sectors to assess and quantify water-related risks across the globe. The Filter’s risk assessment is based on a company’s geographic location (basin-related risks) and impact/performance (company/commodity-specific risk). The Filter translates the most up-to-date underlying data sets, , into risk metrics.

Additionally, the Water Risk Filter includes an agriculture specific risk assessment for 140+ commodities. The results can be displayed on the company -wide/portfolio level as well as on a facility/commodity level. They can also be used to provide key information needed for companies to complete the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Water questionnaire by downloading a tailored output-file.

The Water Risk Filter contains five main areas:

  • Full Assessment – Contains a tailored questionnaire for conducting a more thorough and detailed assessment of a facility’s specific basin-related and facility-related water risk and a summary of the risk exposure for all of a company’s facilities.
  • Mitigation – Provides information concerning potential response to risk and includes a full set of references and support materials as well as links to relevant case studies based on publicly available examples
  • Maps – Enables the user to choose from various map overlays, such as water scarcity, biodiversity, and climate change, as well as country water profiles
  • Country Profiles – Provides overview on water situation within a particular country including physical, regulatory and cultural environments
  • Knowledge Base – Provides access to supporting information about water stewardship initiatives, browse a list of key publications, and access a complete country profile database.

The Filter is designed for the non-water expert user and contains highly-detailed datasets for 231 countries and territories. Companies with limited company and watershed data can still use the tool to develop a more nuanced understanding of their water-related risks.

Additional information