WASH Solutions from Tata Steel Nestin

WASH Solutions from Tata Steel Nest-In (2018)

Tata Steel has developed two prefabricated construction offerings, a modular toilet and a drinking water kiosk, to address drinking water and sanitation challenges globally.

Primary Functions

  • Address the global lack of sanitation and hygiene.
  • Contribute to achieving SDG6.

Detailed Description


All Time Water Kiosk 

Nest-In introduces ATW Kiosk – a resource for reliable, clean water. Nest-In’s solution optimizes available space, maximizes water dispensing, and offers opportunity for community entrepreneurship through a coin/card based model that allows self-sustainable revenue.

Read more about ATW Kiosk here.


To restore basic hygiene to one and all, Tata Steel launched a wide range of modular toilets. These modular toilets are thermally insulated, eco-friendly, and 100% recyclable. They provide a hygienic environment to people, helping to stop the spread of various diseases and improving basic health for all.

Read more about EzyNest here and here.

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