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Recycle Pump Seal Water – Good Practices in Food Processing

Large amounts of water are used as pump seals in all types of food and beverage manufacturing. This resource, from the California Department of Water Resources, explores how food manufacturers can reuse or recycle wastewater from pump seals to reduce their potable water use.

Primary Functions

  • Understand the amount of water used in pump seals within food processing and how to use water recycling technology to reduce water use.

Detailed Description

This resource covers how pump seal wastewater can be reused for washing crates and pallets. In addition, water efficiency can be increased by creating a closed-loop pump seal water system.

Pump seals in food processing can use significant amounts of potable water. Pump seals are required in animal processing, animal food, bakeries, beverage production, dairy products, fruits and vegetables, grains, oils, seeds, seafood, and sugar manufacturing. In all pipe systems, pumps move the product to its destination. Food service pumps must be made of food grade materials and may not use lubricants or materials that could contaminate the food being processed. The seals on the pump must also keep out contaminants. As a result, water seals are commonly used. With water seals, if the seal leaks only clean potable water will enter the food. However, water seals on pumps continuously discharge water. With multiple pumps in a typical food processing plants, pump seal water use can be significant.

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