Make Way for the Future of Sanitation

Make Way for the Future of Sanitation (2020)

This report provides a review of new enterprise models shaping the development of a transformational sanitation economy.

Primary Functions

  • Find insights that illustrate practical examples of pathways to scale for sanitation enterprises.
  • Understand how a scaled-up and sustainable sanitation value chain can provide much-needed impetus to scale adjacent sustainability goals, too, such as water and food security, and renewable energy.

Detailed Description


EY and the Toilet Board Coalition (TBC) are united in the belief that impact entrepreneurs are crucial to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Fusing the social mission of a nonprofit with the market-driven approach of business, their enterprises are critical engines for powering inclusive growth, human dignity and potential, while crafting a different narrative about poverty altogether.

Such enterprises are already improving lives by bringing dignified sanitation within reach of some of the world’s poorest and most marginalized communities. With this report, we aim to illustrate their potential to improve the lives of millions more, accelerating progress toward the Global Goal of access to adequate and equitable sanitation for all by 2030.

While we don’t claim to have all the answers, we believe that we can help impact investors and entrepreneurs to keep asking the right questions — questions whose answers can help realize the vast potential of a transformational sanitation economy, driving sustainable inclusive growth for the benefit of everyone in society.

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