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  • European Water Statistics (2016)

    The European Water Statistics database, developed by Eurostat, includes data on global water resources and use, including abstractions and use by economic activity.

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  • CDP Water Database (2016)

    CDP’s Water Program motivates companies to disclose and reduce their environmental impacts by using the power of investors and customers. The CDP Water Database influences decision makers…

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  • FAO Aquastat (2016)

    Provides data related to water resources, water uses and agricultural water management, with an emphasis on countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

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  • Environmental Data Explorer (2015)

    An online database holding more than 500 different variables covering themes like freshwater, population, forests, emissions, climate, disasters, health, and GDP.

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  • JMP Global WASH Database (2015)

    The WHO/UNICEFJMP Global WASH Database provides data originating from 1990 on global access to drinking water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH).

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  • Aqueduct Global Water Indicators (2015)

    Aqueduct Global Water Indicators include indicators of water quantity, water variability, water quality, public awareness of water issues, access to water, and ecosystem vulnerability.

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  • Aqueduct Water Stress Projections Data (2015)

    Provides indicators of change in water supply, water demand, water stress, and seasonal variability, projected for the coming decades under scenarios of climate and economic growth.

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  • Global Development Datasets (2014)

    Global development datasets…

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  • IWMI Water Data Portal (2014)

    The IWMI Water Data Portal provides access to meteorological, hydrological, socio-economic, and spatial data related to water and agriculture.

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  • Rivers in Crisis (2010)

    Rivers in Crisis is a global dataset of threats to biodiversity, eutrophication, sediment loading, cropland, wetland disconnectivity, soil salinization, pesticide loading, and river fragmentation.

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  • WaterStat (2005)

    Developed by the Water Footprint Network, WaterStat is the world’s most comprehensive water footprint database. WaterStat ensures that scientifically rigorous water footprint statistics are available for everyone…

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