Water Resource Users Associations Capacity Assessment Tool

WRUA Advocacy Training Module (2017)

This training module offers guidelines and methodological tools for Water Resources Users Associations (WRUAs) on participatory planning and implementation of advocacy initiatives within a basin.

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This module builds on institutional capacity development for WRUAs to foster partnerships and collaborate with other stakeholders. The module builds on the WRUA Development Cycle (WDC) initiative implemented by the Water Resources Authority (WRA). The WDC framework defines the arrangements between WRA and the Water Sector Trust Fund (WSTF) regarding funding of water resource management activities through the WRUAs. It highlights the need for stakeholder participation and collaboration with WRUAs in water resource management (WDC, 2015).

WRUAs represent the interests of the water users in a sub-catchment and are important in promoting compliance to water laws. The Advocacy training module will enhance the WRUA’s capacity to strengthen their stakeholder networks, effectively demand for accountability on policy and regulatory decision-making processes with regard to water resources management. In those cases that there is an umbrella WRUA, it will also be able to follow up on policy, regulatory or programmatic area that they would like to see change within their Basin under the devolved system in Kenya.

This is a three-day training module that offers guidelines and methodological tools on participatory planning and implementation of advocacy initiatives within a basin. The tools benefit the community, especially marginalized groups. At the end of the training the facilitator should guide the WRUA in developing short term action plans on capacity areas with regards to advocacy that require strengthening as well action points that can be implemented to further the WRUAs’ advocacy agenda. Follow up visits or backstopping to support the implementation of activities laid down in the action plans is required. This is to strengthen the ability of the WRUAs to engage with other stakeholders in advocating for better water resources management.

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