Tailoring Water Disclosure to Stakeholder Interests


There is a vast array of water disclosure interests within each stakeholder group. Here we attempt to identify the interests typically associated with those groups. It describes the core interests of each stakeholder group, indicates the primary medium of communications for that group, and then provides specific considerations for reporting to that group.

Relevant aspects of the Framework ContextRisksPolicies & targetsComplianceOpportunitiesInternal actionPerformanceImpactsExternal engagement
Primary medium Sustainability reports: CDP Water Disclosure
Scope Global, with focus on companywide metrics
Special considerations
  • Many investors will desire harmonized performance metrics that allow them to make comparisons across companies.
  • They may also be most interested in a risk-based analysis (e.g., discussing impacts insofar as they create risk for the business).
Employees / Internal Stakeholders
Relevant aspects of the Framework ContextRisksPolicies & targetsComplianceOpportunitiesInternal actionPerformance External engagement
Primary medium Internal memos; sustainability reports
Scope Global, facility specific
Special considerations
  • Internal stakeholders will have an interest in understanding core water-related policies and expectations. They may also be interested in understanding risks and the internal actions that may affect production.
Civil Society
Relevant aspects of the Framework Context Policies & targetsCompliance Internal actionPerformanceImpactsExternal engagement
Primary medium Sustainability reports
Scope Global, with a focus on operations in high-risk locales
Special considerations
  • Civil society will be primarily interested in understanding the company’s effect on the environment and communities.
Consumers / General Public
Relevant aspects of the Framework   Policies & targetsCompliancePerformanceImpacts 
Primary medium Company Water Profile; web-based reporting
Scope Global
Special considerations
  • The average consumer will not be interested in detailed reporting but interested to know whether the company is complying with relevant standards and benchmarks,is improving performance over time, and is setting aggressive performance targets.
Potentially Affected Communities
Relevant aspects of the Framework  
Compliance Internal actionPerformanceImpactsExternal engagement
Primary medium Facility reports; verbal communication at stakeholder engagement forums
Scope Watershed specific
Special considerations
  • Communities will likely be interested in the company’s impacts on local watersheds, as well as performance, compliance, and policies aimed at managing those impacts.
  • They will want to know that the company has undertaken meaningful action to mitigate impacts, both by improving internal conditions and by concrete actions that encourage sustainable water management in the basin.
Relevant aspects of the Framework  RisksPolicies & targetsComplianceOpportunitiesInternal actionPerformance  
Primary medium Contracts; corporate social responsibility reports
Scope Global
Special considerations
  • Suppliers will be interested in understanding company expectations with respect to water performance, especially performance metrics and standards against which they will be evaluated.