Interactive Database of the World’s River Basins

As part of the development of these Guidelines, the CEO Water Mandate—in collaboration with World Resources Institute—has developed the Interactive Database of the World’s River Basins. This database allows companies to enter the coordinates of their (and their suppliers’) operations and understand in what river basins they are located (using a newly developed common nomenclature) and the boundaries of those river basins.

Driving Harmonization of Water-Related Terminology

As corporate water assessment tools and stewardship initiatives continue to emerge and their underlying approaches and methodologies evolve, there has been a proliferation of sometimes conflicting interpretations and uses of key terms, such as water scarcity, stress, and risk, often used to indicate geographic locations where water-related challenges are more pronounced. Here we offer definitions for these terms (and explanations for how they relate to another) based on an extensive collaborative process with other organizations and initiatives supporting corporate water stewardship.

Corporate Water Disclosure Glossary

A compilation of key definitions for terms highlighted in bold purple text throughout the PDF and web-based versions of these Guidelines.

Linking the Disclosure Framework to the Mandate’s Six Elements

Companies that endorse the CEO Water Mandate develop annual Communication on Progress – Water reports that discuss the steps they have taken to advance the initiative’s six core elements. Here we show how the various elements of the Corporate Water Disclosure Framework align with those elements.

Datasets and Tools for Context Reporting

A number of datasets and tools can help companies assess the current state of their water management. Here we provide reference to these tools and offers guidance on calculating specific basin conditions described under Context reporting.

Resources for Assessing Risks, Opportunities and Impacts

Here we offer links to available reports, frameworks, tools, and other resources that can support meaningful and robust assessment and disclosure of water risks, opportunities and impacts.

Tailoring Water Disclosure to Stakeholder Interests

There is a vast array of water disclosure interests within each stakeholder group. Here we attempt to identify the interests typically associated with those groups. It describes the core interests of each stakeholder group, indicates the primary medium of communications for that group, and then provides specific considerations for reporting to that group.