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Hindustan Construction Company

“HCC is the first Indian company to become a signatory of WASH at the Workplace — a global programme by Geneva-based World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBSCD). WASH — which stands for  water, sanitation, and hygiene — ensures a corporate institution’s commitment to provide appropriate access to safe water, sanitation, and hygiene to all employees across all premises under company control.  By becoming the first Indian signatory company, HCC reiterates its commitment towards its large and diverse workforce.  Due to its active participation in such initiatives and sheer commitment, HCC is now acknowledged for its business model that enables responsible and equitable growth while creating sustainable infrastructure.”

The Coca-Cola Company

“The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation’s RAIN Water for Schools program provides a targeted opportunity to reach this key vulnerable population, schoolchildren, with clean water, sanitation, and hygiene education interventions. It is intended that these initiatives also catalyze change within the larger community and raise global awareness on the water crisis – particularly as it challenges Africa’s promise for development.

The RAIN Water for Schools program builds on The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation’s (TCCAF) Replenish Africa Initiative (RAIN), a six-year, $30 million commitment to provide at least 2 million people in Africa with access to clean water by 2015.”

“We have seen firsthand how dedicated latrines for boys, girls, and adults, along with safe water access and hygiene education, can transform school attendance and performance.  In addition to the necessary privacy, sanitation enables basic dignity and safety.”

—Greg Koch, Global Water Stewardship Director, The Coca-Cola Company


Private Sector Leadership
The corporations that win in today’s competitive, resource-scarce and hyper-transparent world are those that create real value for society. They are those who see their success as inextricably linked to the success of the world around them. The interconnectedness of water and sanitation on all aspects of economic development is undeniable. According to the United Nations, “For each dollar invested in water and sanitation, on average there is a return of 8 dollars in costs averted and productivity gained.” The business leaders who understand this complex dynamic and invest in innovative water solutions and scaling models, are those who realize business value for years to come. “Simply put, healthier families translate into greater economic and educational opportunities in the home, which translate into healthier business leaders, employees and partners,” said Dan Bena, with PepsiCo Sustainable Development and Operations Outreach. Water stewardship is an absolute business necessity and PepsiCo is committed to progress in our own operations, via our extensive, global network, by partnering with government and development agencies, and through grants made by our philanthropic arm, the PepsiCo Foundation.

The PepsiCo Foundation and
Since the beginning of their partnership in 2008, the PepsiCo Foundation has pledged a total of$12.1MM to This investment has been instrumental in the early implementation and scaling of WaterCredit, a market-driven model that trains microfinance institutions (MFIs) to provide micro-loans to households across India related to access to safe water and sanitation. WaterCredit is a non-traditional investment that allows clients to repay loans at market interest rates as they have more time and ability to earn an income. WaterCredit has far-reaching benefits: allowing families to spend less time collecting water, reducing household expenditures on water service and health care, creating healthier living conditions, and enabling more girls to go to school-all resulting in more economic productivity.

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