Ecolab Case Study: Steel Manufacturers Saving Water

Improving Operational Sustainability at an ArcelorMittal Steel Mill – Ecolab Case Study (2017)

Ecolab took multiple steps at ArcelorMittal’s Galati Steel Mill to help create a more sustainable operation, including implementing 3D TRASAR Technology in one of ArcelorMittal’s blast furnace open cooling systems, switching the make-up water source from demineralized water to soft water, and optimizing the recirculation pumps.

Primary Functions

  • Learn how Ecolab implemented 3D TRASAR Technology at an ArcelorMittal Galati Steel Mill in Romania to save the company 2.2 billion gallons of water and create a more sustainable operation.

Detailed Description


As the world’s largest steel mill group, ArcelorMittal is committed to protecting the environment, improving operational sustainability and delivering sustainable products to its customers. In 2014, ArcelorMittal extended its partnership with Ecolab to optimize efficiency of its Galati Steel Mill in Romania. Ecolab implemented 3D TRASARTM Technology in one of Galati’s blast furnace open cooling systems, installed cooling tower level control to allow for improved blast furnace water balance, switched the make-up water source from demineralized water to soft water and optimized the recirculation pumps to create a more sustainable and profitable operation.

Results achieved in one year:

  • 2.2 billion gallons of water saved
  • 6.2 million kWh reduction of energy use
  • 42% to 15% reduction of water content in sludge
  • 1,226 metric tons of CO2e avoided
  • $1.42 million total savings

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