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  • Driving Harmonization of Water-Related Terminology (2014)

    The Mandate Secretariat along with participating organizations have attempted to reach shared understanding of water-related terminology, while also identifying areas where there is divergence in understanding.

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  • Grey Water Footprint Accounting (2013)

    These guidelines support Grey Water Footprint accounting at its simplest level, using the least detailed approach to estimate the Grey Water Footprint in the case of diffuse and direct…

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  • Global Water Footprint Standard (2011)

    The Global Water Footprint Assessment Standard can be used to provide comparable quantification and robust analytics, helping corporations, governments, and researchers manage water resources and achieve greater water sustainability….

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  • WaterStat (2005)

    Developed by the Water Footprint Network, WaterStat is the world’s most comprehensive water footprint database. WaterStat ensures that scientifically rigorous water footprint statistics are available for everyone…

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