Case Study
Ambev’s CYAN Movement in the Corumbá-Paranoá Basin, Brazil (2010)
Anglo American’s Mitigating Water Risk in Emalahleni, South Africa (2011)
Bayer’s Product Development and Supplier Engagement (2016)
Coca-Cola’s Improving Water Quality for the Mesoamerican Reef Catchments (2007)
Coca-Cola’s Supplier Engagement and Sustainable Agriculture Guiding Principles (2016)
Colgate-Palmolive’s Customer Engagement (2016)
Diageo’s Assessment of Local Regulatory Context (2016)
Duratex’s Water Measuring Tools (2016)
Ford Motor Company’s Engagement with Employees and Suppliers (2016)
Hewlett Packard’s Proactive Engagement with Suppliers (2016)
Iberdrola’s Operational Improvements and Supplier Engagement (2015)
Lake Naivasha Initiative | Scoping the Right Collective Action Level of Engagement (2009)
Lockheed Martin’s Water Use Efficiency Program (2015)
Metsä Board’s Water Use Efficiency Measures (2013)
Mining Company in India: Access to Water and Gender-related Impacts (2011)
Mining Company in Tanzania: Contamination and Supporting Access to Water (2011)
MolsonCoors & Clear Creek Watershed Forum | Consulting Stakeholders to Frame Watershed Improvement Priorities (2011)
Oil & Gas Company in Tunisia: Conflict and Divisions within Local Communities (2011)
OMV’s Water Risk Assessment and Management Process (2016)
Sasol and Lebalelo Water Users Association in South Africa (2011)
SE Asia Apparel Water Action | Sharing Information to Support Improved Water Management among Apparel Suppliers (2011)
Suez Environnement’s Collaboration with Watershed Stakeholders for Improved Watershed Health (2011)
Understanding “Sufficiency” | El Bajío Growing Region, Mexico: Overdrafts in the Aquifer Account (2015)
Understanding “Sufficiency” | The Colorado River Delta: Overdrawn and Dried Up (2014)
Unilever’s Target-Setting and Supplier Engagement (2016)
Water Stewardship Integrity Risks in the Kadee River Initiative (Fictional) (0)
Woolworths’ Collective Action to Clear Alien Plants in the Breede Catchment (2016)
Working Towards Better Water Management in the Western Cape, South Africa (2015)