Are You A Business? Join Us By Endorsing The Mandate

The CEO Water Mandate is building an international movement of committed companies, both leaders and learners. In this spirit, the initiative welcomes companies of all sizes and from all sectors, from all parts of the world, and at all stages of the water stewardship journey. Endorsing the Mandate is easy! A company wishing to join the initiative can indicate their endorsement of the CEO Water Mandate and its six elements – Direct Operations, Supply Chain and Watershed Management, Collective Action, Public Policy, Community Engagement, Transparency — by submitting a letter or email from any appropriate company contact indicating support from the C-Suite (or equivalent), to:


The only requirements of Mandate endorsers are that (1) they are UN Global Compact signatories, and (2) they report annually on their progress in implementing the Mandate’s six elements.
  1. Becoming UN Global Compact signatoriesCompanies that endorse the CEO Water Mandate but are not currently UN Global Compact signatories have a one year grace period to sign the UN Global Compact. After this one year period, they will be removed from the list of Mandate endorsing companies.
  2. Reporting annually on progressCompanies have a great deal of flexibility in the format and approach taken in their annual reports. Though use of the Corporate Water Disclosure Guidelines is recommended, companies need only report against the Mandate’s six elements as they deem appropriate. Companies are encouraged to report this water-specific information in the context of their annual communication on progress (CoP) to the UN Global Compact.

Sign up template

A template sign-on letter can be found here:

Download the Mandate Sign-On Template


Benefits of endorsing the Mandate

  • Ability to participate in the Mandate’s four working groups and inform the projects under development by the Mandate Secretariat.
  • Access to Mandate multistakeholder conferences, workshops, and other invitation-only events.
  • Network with other endorsers to learn tried-and-true stewardship techniques and approaches.

What If You’re Not A Business? Join The Mandate’s Stewardship Community

Though non-business organizations cannot endorse the Mandate, they can join the Mandate’s Stewardship Community as valued stakeholders. If you don’t represent a business, you can still keep up to date on the Mandate’s work and that of its endorsers, join us at our events, and inform our projects. To become a member of the Mandate Stewardship Community, click the button below to get started.

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The CEO Water Mandate is a firm step in the commitment we have made in recent years to manage the water resources in our operation.
Juan Guillermo Londono Posada, Chief Executive Office, Celsia
The Mandate is an important initiative bringing together business leaders from around the world who can generate a positive impact on water management by driving the needed innovation and change.
Dr. Marijn E. Dekkers Chief Executive Officer, Bayer
Allergan has appreciated water as a valuable resource for many years…we see water management and conservation as core values…
David Pyott Chief Executive Officer, Allergan
Water is an essential and diminishing resource. We work to minimise consumption of water in our operations and in our supply chain. Being part of the CEO Water Mandate allows us to share best practices and advance engagement on this important issue.
Signing the Mandate formalises our strategy to mitigate water risk and publicly demonstrates Olam’s contribution to the UN Global Compact’s vision for global water security.
Sunny Verghese Chief Executive Officer, Olam
We recognize that corporations play a critical role in leading the transition to a new era in which water quality is respected and water management practices help address water challenges. The Mandate provided a framework for us to build a sustainable Global Water Strategy that looks beyond the impact of our direct operations.
The UN CEO Water Mandate is an important part of recognising that real impact will only be achieved through collective action.
Paul Walsh Chief Executive Officer, Diageo
We recognise that significant water risks facing our operations are caused by factors external to our direct operations. Responding to these challenges can be done more effectively if done collectively and through interventions which include action beyond our direct operations, for which the Mandate is most clearly a useful departure point.
David Constable Chief Executive Officer, Sasol
Clean water is critical to the development and manufacture of our products, the operation of our facilities and the health of our employees.
Kenneth C. Frazier Chief Executive Officer, Merck
The core elements of the Water Mandate framework catalyzed the processes needed to be a water conscious company.
Water scarcity is a global concern that is becoming increasingly important for Stora Enso and the whole paper and packaging industry. The Water Mandate will enable us to share our experiences with other committed companies and stakeholders seeking better ways to manage water resources.
The CEO Water Mandate enables us to exchange experiences with other business leaders and contribute to findings for the conservation of water resources.