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Today, the CEO Water Mandate is pleased to launch its Water Stewardship Leaders blog! This new blog provides a forum for water stewardship experts from the Mandate Secretariat, endorsing companies, and key stakeholders to share their experiences and insights with a global audience. Through the blog, contributors will showcase stewardship best practices, opinions, upcoming events, new reports, and more.

We hope that this blog fosters a robust conversation about where stewardship efforts are succeeding and where and how they can be improved. We also hope that it facilitates stewardship learning at a faster pace than is allowed by the normal report and conference cycle.

In the coming days and weeks, we will be featuring a variety of new posts, including some from Ellen Silva of General Mills, Brian Richter of the Nature Conservancy, Snehal Desai from Dow, Alex McNamara from National Business Initiative, and Ken Caplan form Partnerships in Practice. We invite you to send in your submissions for the blog. You are free to cover a variety of topics, so long as they generally speak to water stewardship and are aligned with the Mandate’s six core elements. We are also happy to repost existing or upcoming posts originating on different blogs.

To submit a blog post for consideration, please email us at ceowatermandate@unglobalcompact.org. Typical posts range from 500-1000 words.

We hope you enjoy Water Stewardship Leaders!

Jason Morrison
Jason Morrison joined the Pacific Institute in 1993 and became its president in October 2016. As president, he oversees the Institute and its activities, focusing on broadening and amplifying the organization’s reach and impact.

Additionally, Jason serves as the Head of the CEO Water Mandate, an initiative of the United Nations Global Compact, and has supported the initiative since 2008 with applied research, event organization, and other services.
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  1. It was pleasure and rewarding opportunity to attend the Approaches to Corporate Water Stewardship held today at The Nature Conservancy from a corporate investment perspective. As a member of the UNGC and the Water Mandate since our inception. As an SME in the disaster\emergency management arena all aspects of water security with water stewardship as a focal point is of great concern on community sustainability.

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