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FEEDBACK REQUESTED: Caring for Climate and CEO Water Mandate Released Consultative Draft for Briefing Paper on Climate and Water Challenges

December 8 2015

Caring for Climate and the CEO Water Mandate are requesting feedback on a draft briefing paper that reviews the ways that climate change affects the water cycle and identifies links with energy production and potential risks to the business community. The paper highlights ways that businesses can manage water-climate risks strategically while contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals, including instituting new practices within their operations to manage climate risks and impacts, and engaging with governments, communities, and other stakeholders to put in place policies and ground-level practices. This paper presents a consultative draft open for comments. The paper will be finalized early 2016 as a contribution to the implementation of the SDGs.


Please send your comments and inputs to Stefanie Woodward at the Pacific Institute (swoodward@pacinst.org).

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