Primary Functions:

  • Develop and implement a robust water stewardship approach specific to the mining & metals industry

Purpose: Provide sector-specific support
Scope: Corporate
Type: Guidance
Sectors: Metals & mining

Resource Overview:

ICMM’s Water stewardship framework outlines a common industry approach for what is a complex and locally-defined issue.

Water is one of the most significant issues facing the mining and metals industry and is a critical resource not only for all our members’ operations but also for other industries, communities and the natural environment. Water stewardship requires a management approach based on finding solutions that work for the business and all other water users.

ICMM’s Water stewardship framework is built around four key elements:

  1. Be transparent and accountable
  2. Engage proactively and inclusively
  3. Adopt a catchment-based approach
  4. Effective water resource management.

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Developed by: International Council on Mining & Metals (ICMM)