Primary Functions:

  • Quantify the impact of companies’ water use and wastewater discharge on local water resources in terms of quality, quantity, and scarcity/stress.
  • Given the technical nature of the tool, use of the WIIX requires some understanding of current conditions and expected changes in quality and quantity use.

Purpose: Measure & monitor (Operations) Water strategy (Strategy)
Scope: Facility / River Basin
Type: Tools

Resource Overview:

Water Impact Index (WIIX) is a free, online tool developed by Veolia that measures the impacts of various activities (including those of industry and business) on local water resources. WIIX measures two types of impact as they affect quantity and quality: (1) direct impact, connected to the water that is withdrawn and discharged as a result of an activity and (2) indirect impact, related to energy consumption, chemicals usage, and waste disposal throughout the supply chain. Companies can use this assessment as a component of their risk assessment process and to inform decision making regarding.

WIIX is designed for those with some degree of operational understanding of their water usage and wastewater characteristics, and requires an understanding of a variety of factors including water chemistry and water balance. To complete the WIIX calculation, the following data are required:

  • Quantity and quality of water withdrawn from and discharged into the site area’s water source;
  • Local stress index for water availability (from publicly available databases)
  • If available, similar water quantity and quality parameters from key steps along the supply chain

WIIX results are expressed in a single impact indicator (m3 or gallons) WIIX equivalent) that integrates volume, quality and local stress factors. WIIX’s assessment of local stress focuses on physical water availability and storage capacity, and does not consider community access to water services or government capacity to effectively manage water.

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