Primary Functions:

  • Learn good practices for water management in the apparel sector

Purpose: Provide sector-specific support
Scope: Facility / River Basin Value Chain
Type: Discussion Paper Guidance
Sectors: Apparel

Resource Overview:

In 2011, the CEO Water Mandate and UN Environment Programme (UNEP) launched the Southeast Asia Apparel Water Action, also known as SEAAWA. This collective action project aimed to bring together the Mandate Secretariat, Mandate endorsing companies from the apparel sector, their suppliers, UNEP, and local civil society and government representatives to drive water use efficiency and reduce pollution in apparel laundering and finishing facilities in Vietnam and Cambodia. The project’s overarching goal was to build awareness and capacity to enhance water management among apparel suppliers in the region, so as to mitigate business’ water?related risks to brands, reduce costs for suppliers, and improve the water conditions in the region. This summary report provides and overview of key findings and good practices.

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