Primary Functions:

  • Measure beverage facility water performance in the context of local watershed conditions

Purpose: Provide sector-specific support
Scope: Facility / River Basin
Type: Discussion Paper
Sectors: Beverage

Resource Overview:

With this release, BIER is building momentum towards creating a consistent and transparent process that will help businesses and watershed-level partners make more informed decisions with regards to water stewardship investments and actions. With increasing pressure internally and externally to answer complex water-related risk and opportunity questions in a measurable and conclusive manner, BIER knew it was time to improve upon current methods and traditional water data.

This concept paper helps businesses evaluate whether a facility’s performance, investments, and actions are appropriately aligned with the conditions of the surrounding watershed. BIER partnered with technical advisors from leading water and environmental organizations such as Ceres, The Nature Conservancy (TNC), and World Resources Institute (WRI) to help better understand the relationship between impacts and dependencies in the local watershed context.

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Developed by: Beverage Industry Environmental Roundtable