Primary Functions:

  • Allows hotel managers to calculate the amount of water used per occupied room (and per guest night, where data are available) and per area of meeting space per hour

Purpose: Measure & monitor (Operations) Provide sector-specific support
Scope: Facility / River Basin
Type: Tools
Sectors: Hotels & tourism

Resource Overview:

The International Tourism Partnership (ITP) drives responsible business in the hospitality industry by engaging with the world’s leading hotel companies. ITP turns responsible ambition and good ideas into positive action by sharing best practice, offering practical products and programmes and facilitating collaboration in one of the world’s biggest industries.

For members, ITP provides a non-competitive platform for hotel industry leaders to share ideas, build relationships and work together on making the industry more responsible. For hoteliers around the world, however big and small, ITP provides access to valuable information and resources at no cost, allowing them to drive their own responsible business agendas. Most of this information is freely available on

ITP has set a groundbreaking initiative to develop a methodology and calculation tool that enables hotel companies and individual properties to measure and report on water in a consistent way: The Hotel Water Measurement Initiative (HWMI).

The methodology is designed to be applied by any hotel anywhere in the world. The methodology has been designed in partnership with major hotel groups; however, it applies to individual hotels, large and small, regardless of the type of amenities offered.

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