Primary Functions:

  • Fast first-tier risk screen enables you to understand which facilities worldwide are facing water stress (and therefore likely high business risk)
  • Access simple inventory for you to compile your water data

Purpose: Understand water stress (Context)
Scope: Corporate
Type: Tools

Resource Overview:

The WBCSD Global Water Tool (GWT) is a free online module that helps companies compare their water use, wastewater discharge, and facility information with validated watershed and country-level data (based on nearly 30 external datasets on water availability, sanitation, population, and biodiversity information, among other things). This process is intended to allow companies to conduct an initial high-level assessment of relative water risks in order to identify risk “hotspots”. This initial assessment is meant to be followed by subsequent, more-detailed local assessments where appropriate. The GWT also generates key water metrics that describe water use, production intensity, and risk, as well as reporting indicators from Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Water, Bloomberg, and Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) that help businesses report to their stakeholders about their water performance and risks. It also delivers charts and maps that can further help companies communicate with their stakeholders.

Global Water Tool in action

Global Water Tool

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