Primary Functions:

  • Build knowledge of water-related challenges at the facility-level, especially for companies just beginning to think about water stewardship
  • Create basic water management plans at the facility-levels

Purpose: Measure & monitor (Operations) Water strategy (Strategy)
Scope: Facility / River Basin
Type: Tools

Resource Overview:

Released in 2002, the GEMI’s Connecting the Drops Towards Creative Water Strategies: A Water Sustainability Tool is an online tool that helps organizations create a water strategy. It enables companies to assess their relationship to water, identifies associated risks and describes the business case for action, and helps address companies’ specific needs and circumstances. Connecting the Drops introduces a number of questions on these topics to facilitate companies’ understanding of various water sustainability issues. These questions act as the basis for guidance on goal setting and the development of strategic plans.

Overview of Connecting the Drops modules


GEMI’s Collecting the Drops: A Water Sustainability Planner, an online tool released in 2007, focuses on the needs of a facility-level user rather than the company as a whole. It guides a user through the process of taking a corporate sustainability strategy and converting it into a site or unit strategy for water. Collecting the Drops uses input from the facility to give a broad assessment of risks regarding the local watershed, supply reliability, efficiency, compliance with regulations, supply economics, and social context.

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