Primary Functions:

  • Report your water stewardship practices to investors to demonstrate good practice

Purpose: Stakeholder dialogue (Communication)
Scope: Corporate Facility / River Basin Value Chain
Type: Guidance Tools

Resource Overview:

CDP works to catalyze action on corporate water stewardship to safeguard water resources and address the global water crisis – one of the most significant challenges facing the global economy.

The corporate water information disclosed through CDP’s standardized global reporting platform puts water-related information at the heart of business, policy and investment decisions, benchmarking corporate action on water stewardship and mobilizing positive and tangible action on the global water crisis by some of the world’s largest corporations. In 2015, 617 investors with over US$63 trillion in assets supported CDP in engaging multi-national corporations to disclose their management of water issues.

Water is becoming an increasingly important strategic issue for businesses: in 2014, almost three quarters of Global 500 respondents (68%) to CDP reported water poses a substantive risk to their business. For some respondents, anticipated financial impacts are as high as US$1 billion, and for the first time, almost a quarter (22%) report that issues around water could limit the growth of their business. Through increased disclosure, CDP believes that companies will be better positioned to both understand and manage water-related risks and that the information provided will drive better decision making by investors, policy makers and other interested stakeholders.

This set of reporting tools includes CDP’s 2015 water information request and corresponding guidance documents and benchmarking methodology. For more information on CDP’s water program or to find out the benefits of reporting water management information through CDP’s reporting platform please visit the CDP website. To receive an invitation to respond to CDP’s water information request, please email

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