Primary Functions:

  • Understand and implement water accounting practices given specific circumstances of the beverage industry

Purpose: Provide sector-specific support
Scope: Corporate
Type: Guidance
Sectors: Beverage

Resource Overview:

A Practical Perspective on Water Accounting in the Beverage Sector is a document created by BIER members to guide beverage companies in the application of existing and developing water footprinting tools. It provides clarification and consistency in the quantification of beverage water usage and consumption.

Several organizations, most notably the Water Footprint Network and the International Organization for Standardization, are developing detailed water footprinting methodologies and technical guidance. Several BIER members are actively participating in this development. This document should be viewed as complementary to these efforts, not as competing or conflicting. Beverage companies are encouraged to consult these methodologies as they are developed and use them where applicable.

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Developed by: Beverage Industry Environmental Roundtable