Primary Functions:

  • Planning a responsible water management for mining & metals operations

Purpose: Provide sector-specific support
Scope: Facility / River Basin
Type: Guidance
Sectors: Metals & mining

Resource Overview:

This practical guide for the mining and metals industry sets out a collaborative catchment-based approach to water management that considers the needs, concerns and priorities of other water users and promotes inclusive and ongoing engagement with all stakeholders.

The document is structured as an interactive and informative prompt to guide companies in the development of their water strategies and plans in accordance with the local context and hydrology in which mining and metals operations take place.

Developed through rigorous and extensive consultation across the mining and metals industry, with other sectors and world-recognized water management experts, the guidance provides an effective approach to water stewardship for mining and metals operations. It also serves as an important reference for stakeholders in civil society, the financial industry, policymakers and others to facilitate and encourage collaborative action on the management of water resources for all water users.

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Developed by: International Council on Mining & Metals (ICMM)