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Going Organic… Partnering Around Water

Having worked in the partnership space for a long time, my organisation is often asked for the magic formula on how best to engage stakeholders, manage conflicts, ensure commitments are being met …in other words, structure and then measure the effectiveness of a partnership. We have always been troubled by this approach. Sure there is…
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The “Water Affordability Movement” – An Emerging Trend Companies Shouldn’t Ignore

  A recent article from Circle of Blue‘s Brett Walton expertly summarizes one of the most prominent U.S. environmental trends of early 2016. Titled, “Water Affordability Is A New Civil Rights Movement in the United States,” it should serve as a wake-up call to corporate sustainability and public policy leads: The cost of drinking water and…
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Some Big Questions We Must Address about Water Scarcity

One of the greatest ironies of our time is the fact that we have gained access to information exponentially more voluminous and accurate than available to preceding generations, yet we still lack the collective will to act upon it. We can’t seem to muster appropriately-responsive actions even when the message is as loud and clear…
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Levi’s | LS&Co Open Sources Its Innovative Water Finishing Techniques to the Apparel Industry

At Levi Strauss & Co., our business depends on water. From cotton to manufacturing to consumer care, this precious resource plays a vital role over the lifetime of our products. We’ve studied this in great depth, including two comprehensive life cycle assessments. We know exactly how much water a pair of Levi’s® 501® jeans traditionally…
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General Mills | Securing Watersheds Beyond Our Walls

At one time, corporate sustainability was all about taking care of what was happening within the walls of your own facilities. We thought it was enough to focus on efficiency — using less energy, and making sure we discharged clean water. Then we started looking deeper into our environmental impact, and it turns out that…
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Welcome to the Water Stewardship Leaders Blog!

Today, the CEO Water Mandate is pleased to launch its Water Stewardship Leaders blog! This new blog provides a forum for water stewardship experts from the Mandate Secretariat, endorsing companies, and key stakeholders to share their experiences and insights with a global audience. Through the blog, contributors will showcase stewardship best practices, opinions, upcoming events,…
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