Hilton Endorses the CEO Water Mandate

The CEO Water Mandate Secretariat is delighted to welcome Hilton as its newest endorsing company! Hilton joins over 140 companies from around the world and across a variety of industry sectors that have committed to advancing water stewardship.

Founded in 1919, Hilton is one of the largest and fastest growing hospitality companies in the world, with more than 4,900 properties and 800,000 rooms in 104 countries and territories.

Hilton joined the UN Global Compact in 2012 and announced their 2025 Water commitments on World Water Day, March 22, 2017. As they join global business leaders in advancing water stewardship across the globe, they are taking their water stewardship to the next level by looking across the entire value chain that supports the hotel ecosystem, from business partnerships, to the communities in which they operate and the watersheds in which they are based. Through their collaboration with WWF, they are evaluating their entire value chain to identify areas exposed to high water risk, as well as the communities that are increasingly exposed to water stress. They will be working with partner businesses, vendors and suppliers, to take steps to reduce water usage and enhance and protect clean water resources in the areas surrounding their hotels.

diagram of Hilton's water commitments

Aspects of Hilton’s water strategy (image provided by Hilton)


Hilton is committed to sharing best practices across the industry. To track, monitor and evaluate performance, they have implemented LightStay, an innovative measurement platform that is a brand standard for more than 4,900 Hilton hotels. Through LightStay they are able to understand how hotels are managing and improving water use over time. This in turn will allow them to develop and enhance their system, through incorporation of more detailed water risk information, to drive greater water awareness and ensure hotels have the information they need to make thoughtful decisions in daily operations.

Hilton's water progress

Hilton’s progress on key water metrics (image provided by Hilton)

More information on Hilton and its commitment to water stewardship:

CEO Water Mandate
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