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Beta version of the Interactive Database of the World’s River Basins launched!

The CEO Water Mandate – in collaboration with World Resources Institute – has developed a beta version of the Interactive Database of the World’s River Basins in order to promote and facilitate meaningful, harmonized location-specific reporting. The database – an extension of the Mandate’s Corporate Water Disclosure Guidelines – allows companies to enter the coordinates of their (and their suppliers’) operations and understand in what river basins they are located (using a newly developed common nomenclature) and the boundaries of those river basins. Alternatively, companies can use interactive maps to manually locate their facilities on a map and learn more about the river basins in which they are located.

In 2014, the CEO Water Mandate published the Corporate Water Disclosure Guidelines. The Guidelines emphasize that a company’s risks, opportunities, and impacts differ greatly depending on the river basin context(s) in which it operates. For example, a thousand gallons of water used in a water-rich region will likely have substantially less impact on ecosystems and people than a thousand gallons used in a water-scarce region. Thus, where possible, companies seek to report location-specific information in order to shed light on where water-related challenges are greatest and where action should be prioritized.

However, in the past, there has been no common nomenclature for river basin names or delineations for their boundaries on a global scale. This means that, for example, two companies might report on their water use in the Yellow River Basin, but be referring to two different (albeit likely overlapping) geographic areas, thus leading to results that are confusing for, and of limited use, to stakeholders. The database was created in response to this problem.

This beta version is meant to garner feedback from Mandate endorsers and other stakeholders in order to determine whether and how we can strengthen the tool in the future.

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FEEDBACK REQUESTED: Caring for Climate and CEO Water Mandate Released Consultative Draft for Briefing Paper on Climate and Water Challenges

December 8 2015 Caring for Climate and the CEO Water Mandate are requesting feedback on a draft briefing paper that reviews the ways that climate change affects the water cycle and identifies links with energy production and potential risks to the business community. The paper highlights ways that businesses can manage water-climate risks strategically while…
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Sign the Business Alliance for Water & Climate Change COP 21 Declaration!

                   What is the Business Alliance for Water & Climate Change? Preparing for and adapting to new climate realities will be one of the defining challenges of the 21st Century. Recognizing the considerable environmental, social, and economic value at stake due to worsening water stress and climate change, the private sector – through the Business…
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The Mandate and Hindustan Unilever Foundation release paper on stewardship, partnerships, and achieving SDG6 in India

September 2015 This new discussion paper from the CEO Water Mandate and Hindustan Unilever Foundation (HUF) explores the linkages between corporate water stewardship practice and Sustaniable Development Goal 6 on water and sanitation. It makes the case for a “T-shaped” approach to water goals and collaborative partnerships between businesses, NGOs, governments, communities, and others to…
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Meeting Summary: CEO Water Mandate events at Stockholm World Water Week 2015

October 15, 2015 The Mandate has released meeting summaries for its sessions convened on August 25-26 during Stockholm World Water Week. These sessions explored a variety of key water stewardship issues, including: Tools and Approaches for Improving Water Stewardship Performance Making the Business Case for Water Stewardship Improving the Effectiveness and Credibility of Corporate Water…
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CEO Water Mandate, WWF, and WaterAid launch new report on corporate water stewardship and Sustainable Development Goal #6

With the official adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals, the Mandate will play a pivotal role in their implementation, particularly Sustainable Development Goal 6 (SDG6) on Ensuring Access to Water and Sanitation for All. As part of this endeavor, the Mandate, in collaboration with WaterAid and WWF, has developed a paper that lays out opportunities…
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New Guide for Bringing Integrity to Companies’ Water Stewardship Initiatives

(Stockholm, 25 August 2015) – Today, the UN Global Compact’s CEO Water Mandate announced the first comprehensive guide on forming multi-stakeholder water stewardship initiatives with integrity. Launched at the CEO Water Mandate’s annual meeting during World Water Week in Stockholm, Sweden, the Guide for Managing Integrity in Water Stewardship Initiatives: A Framework for Improving Effectiveness…
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CEO Water Mandate Releases Final Corporate Water Disclosure Guidelines

29 September, New York, NY – The UN Global Compact’s CEO Water Mandate initiative has released the finalized Corporate Water Disclosure Guidelines – a common approach for companies to effectively and intelligibly disclose the many elements of their corporate water management practice to key stakeholders. The Guidelines are available as a PDF report and web-based…
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CEO Water Mandate Highlights Sanitation at Stockholm World Water Week

(Stockholm, 1 September 2014) – The UN Global Compact’s CEO Water Mandate today convened its annual multi-stakeholder conference in Stockholm, Sweden – an event that featured the release of a new study on the role of business in the global sanitation challenge. More than 100 senior leaders from international business, the public sector and UN agencies,…
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