Maturity Progression: Engagement
Scope: Value Chain

Case Study Overview:

This case study drawn from the 2016 CDP Water Report.

Water is a vital resource for Hewlett-Packard in both direct operations and supply chain for product manufacture and customer use.

Through proactive engagement with suppliers, Hewlett-Packard improved their water management practices by enhancing transparency, accounting and goal setting. They are working to standardize tools and methodologies to facilitate consistent, reliable, and comparable reporting among suppliers. By conducting scenario analysis on water-intensive supplier activities, they can identify opportunities for further reductions in their commodity manufacturing processes.

Hewlett-Packard publicly demonstrated their commitment to water stewardship by reporting on their water footprint in their 2015 Sustainability Report and 2015 Living Progress Report. Electricity consumption, primarily by customers using Hewlett-Packard products, made up 74% of their water use in 2015. As a result, Hewlett-Packard aims to address the link between water and energy consumption through ongoing efforts to improve the energy efficiency of their products. Producing smaller, more energy efficient desktops, notebooks and tablets resulted in a 12% decrease in their water footprint in 2015.

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