Maturity Progression: Engagement
Region: North & Central America South America
Scope: Value Chain

Case Study Overview:

This case study drawn from the 2016 CDP Water Report.

One of life’s most basic needs, clean water is vital to the communities we serve. Yet in many regions of the world, it is increasingly scarce. Water is also essential to our business; it is an ingredient in many Colgate products and required in almost every phase of the product life cycle. So we are committed to making every drop of water count through our global Water Stewardship Strategy.

The water required to use our products represents the largest part of our water footprint. That is why we are committed to reaching all of our consumers with water conservation messages to turn off the faucet while brushing teeth and washing hands. Today you will find a Save Water message on most all of our Oral Care packages around the world, supported by a website that provides water saving tips for toothbrushing, handwashing, dishwashing and showering.

Colgate’s conservation campaign extends online and in stores. In the US, Colgate partnered with The Nature Conservancy to promote water conservation awareness in selected stores. In Brazil, the Sorriso toothpaste brand challenged consumers to take the #DesafioDoCopinho or One Cup Challenge, and use just one cup of water to brush their teeth.

In 2016, Colgate expanded the Save Water campaign globally with messaging on World Water Day. Our video and message to make every drop of water count was viewed by over a billion consumers in more than 60 countries. In the US, Colgate aired our award winning Save Water video message during football’s Big Game. This campaign has reached over 2.7 billion people.

In the year ahead, Colgate’s efforts will continue with more consumer, customer and employee engagement to Save Water.

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