Maturity Progression: Operations Context Engagement
Scope: Corporate Value Chain

Case Study Overview:

This case study drawn from the 2016 CDP Water Report.

Bayer AG have publicly demonstrated their commitment to water stewardship, publishing relevant water performance indicators and goals in their Annual Report, as well as being an endorsing member of the UN CEO Water Mandate and achieving an A in CDP’s 2016 Water A List.

Bayer AG factors water use into product development. In 2014 they launched a waterborne polyurethane technology that reduces the water and energy consumption of the coating process by 95% and 50% respectively.

Environmental risks in Bayer’s direct operations are identified and reviewed annually, with water use and withdrawals measured at site level and monitored at least once per year. Additionally, Bayer AG ensures ecological assessments are carried out for any investment over US$11 million.

To assess water risks within their supply chain, Bayer annually conducts HSEQ supplier assessments and receive results from the ‘Together for Sustainability’ and the ‘Pharmaceutical Supply Chain’ initiatives. They aim to evaluate all strategically important suppliers by 2017.

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